Scleral Shell

This is a thin eye prosthesis fitted directly OVER a blind and shrunken globe that has not been surgically removed. It includes the iris (the coloured part of the eye) and the sclera (the white part of the eye). It will, therefore, completely cover up an unsightly, deformed globe. The blind eye must be smaller than the "good" eye to allow space for the scleral shell to be fitted and to provide a good cosmetic result. The scleral eye shell helps to restore volume loss and will assist the upper eyelid to return to a normal position and match the companion eye. Since the ocular muscles are still attached to the damaged eye, movement with a scleral shell is usually excellent.

Many individuals who have a disfigured blind eye are unaware that a scleral shell is a viable option that does not entail surgery. As long as the eye is stable, pain free and smaller than the companion eye, it is very likely an option. Please contact our office directly for more details and an evaluation of your specific condition. Many of our patients wish they had heard about scleral shells earlier. This type of prosthesis serves to increase the individual's self-confidence and social interaction by restoring back one's natural appearance. 



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