Marie Allen Ocularist Ltd. is proud to work along side dedicated surgeons who require passion and professionalism from their ocularists.

I have worked closely with Marie Allen and her team since the year 2000. As an oculoplastic surgeon who performs eyelid and eye socket reconstruction, my job is to remove eyes that have become irreversibly damaged (for example, from trauma or cancer). Marie then proceeds to create an “artificial eye” or ocular prosthesis that fits in the eye socket and that matches the healthy eye. Her work combines the precision of a scientist with the talents of an artist. No two prostheses are exactly the same; each is unique to the patient. I trust Marie’s expertise fully, and all my reconstruction patients see her for their care, after surgery. Above all, Marie has a sincere sense of compassion and empathy that establishes immediate trust between her and her patients. I highly recommend her work. Vincent Tony Wong, MD, FRCSC, Clinical Professor Department of Ophthalmology, UBC
As an oculoplastic surgeon, I am constantly in need of sophisticated ocularist services. Both myself and my many grateful patients have always been impressed not only by the excellent work of Marie Allen Ocularist, but by your availability and professionalism. Frank V. Buffam, BSc, MD,CM, FRCSC, Oculoplastic Surgeon
I have had the pleasure of referring patients requiring artificial eyes to Marie Allen Ocularist LTD. for over 35 years. Their work is meticulous and skillful and they have a dedicated following of very satisfied clients. Peter Dolman, Clinical Professor, Div. of Oculoplastic Surgery, UBC

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