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February 19, 2019

Creating your Custom Eye

Our artificial eyes are completely custom made from an acrylic called polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). We use a modified impression technique which allows us to create a comfortable prosthesis designed to match your companion eye. We take great pride in our work and satifaction is guaranteed.

The general process is as follows:

  • an impression of the eye socket is made;
  • a pattern shape is developed;
  • a preliminary iris/eye painting is created, which is followed by a secondary iris painting stage;
  • finally the artificial eye is completed and fitted.

After the initial fitting of the prosthetic eye, you will need at least one appointment a month later to assess that the fit is still accurate.

It is also necessary for you to return to see your ocularist on an annual basis to have the artificial eye repolished. This enables the protein deposit to be removed and to restore its lustre/shine. This appointment also provides an opportunity to make any adjustments and to provide you with the best possible appearance and comfort.

Your artificial eye will need to be replaced approximately evey five years. It is very common for your initial prosthesis to be replaced after only two or three years due to socket changes which are dependent on the severity of your injury and any surgical procedures.