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February 19, 2019

What to Expect at Your Appointments

During your first appointment, we will take several simple measurements and colour matches of your remaining eye. We will also create the first painting of your iris. An impression of your socket will be taken using an ophthalmic alginte and a wax pattern will be fabricated to fit your socket and create symmetry with your companion eye.

The second appointment is primarily focused on painting. We have a specialized technique that allows us to actually try the prosthesis in your socket to evaluate the colour and veining. This method enables us to observe intricate details.

During the third and usually last appointment, the prosthesis is fitted and final detailed adjustments are made for cosmetic and comfort.

A follow-up appointment is given approximately one month after the fitting of the artificial eye to evaluate the appearance and fit after the socket has had time to adjust to the new prosthesis.

Making an impression
The Impression
Wax Pattern
Wax Pattern