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July 23, 2019

From Our Clients

We can go on and on about what we offer, but in the end it's our reputation that speaks for us. We hope that hearing from people just like you, who have experienced what it is like to have an artificial eye, may prove helpful.

Having my blind and painful eye removed was a life altering decision. To spend my days working and playing without pain is something I have not known for years. My new eye is very comfortable and my family, friends and co-workers are surprised at the quality and how perfectly it matches my natural eye. Scott O., Mainland, BC
I was eight years overdue for a new eye, but I didn't think I could ever get past my eye being easily noticed in certain lights/angles, etc., so had resigned myself to the one I had. Rob brought me in from the cold with his ideas about pupil size and presentation, which was my main concern. He put an end to a number of my misplaced concerns as we came up with an approach tailored to my realities. Allowing me to interact with people with a renewed confidence and personal comfort, that, to me, is priceless. He made the eye with a modern technique that creates a perfect fit and comfort. I don't know what more I could have asked for! Thanks, Rob! Adam, Mainland, BC
I lost my eye at the age of four in an accident so have grown up with an artificial eye. When I was a child, eyes were not crafted for the individual as they are today. I would walk into a room full of trays of artificial eyes and the nurse would hold some against my good eye and choose the one that was closest in colour and shape it a little to fit.

When I became a teenager, I become more aware of people noticing my eye as it never seemed to match the other one exactly. I would never look someone directly in the face. I spent my life with this insecurity. When I discovered that eyes could be molded to fit and then hand painted, I was quite excited and went to have one made. I was very excited until I looked in the mirror and discovered that this one was even worse than the previous ones I had received. I resigned myself to never having an eye that I could comfortably look someone in the face without feeling self conscious.

Four years later, I moved to BC and decided to try again. I went to visit Marie Allen to have another eye hand crafted. I have never seen anyone work with such care. She paid such attention to details to get it just right. I had a good feeling and couldn't wait to see the final result. I was so excited when she finished. The likeness to my good eye was incredible. I couldn't believe it. I gave Marie a hug and thanked her, but I don't think she truly understood what she had done for me. I can now look someone in the face and feel the confidence that I have always yearned. Thank you! Julie, Vancouver, BC
Making the decision to have my left eye removed was the hardest thing I have ever done. Marie's gentle manner and her empathy made the process so much easier. When I tell people that I have an artificial eye, they are astounded. K.P., Mainland, BC
After moving to Victoria from Toronto, I was in need of a new artificial eye and was recommended to Marie Allen at the Eye Clinic.

I have had many artificial eyes since childhood and this is one of the most comfortable and beautiful looking eyes. I work in the public and feel very confident with my eye. Marie is wonderful to work with and makes you feel very comfortable. L.M., Vancouver Island
At last, after frequent thoughts of my experience and inexcusable procrastination to write and dipatch this letter since I left your office with a new and beautifully crafted prosthesis, I offer my humble thanks and express heartfelt gratitude for a superb job, carried out by you and your very capable assistant.  Almost four weeks have passed and I barely notice the new eye now, indicating the socket has adjusted nicely indeed, and recent photographs of me suggest a less frightening view, whereas before, with the 48-year old eye in place and a very droopy eyelid, some people, at first glance of me, saw a perhaps dubious unsavoury character.  What a pleasure it has been dealing with you and your office.  I very much appreciated your consideration of the distance I had to travel, thus accommodating two appointments into the last visit, even shortening the wait between the two and sending me on my way with an altogether new look.  Finally based on my pleasurable experience and the five-star result, I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone that might require them. C.T.,  Vancouver, BC
We want to thank you so much for everthing you have done for us.  When we found out about our daughter's condition we were obviously very upset and overwhelmed.  Our first appointment with you really helped us to understand what we were dealing with and gave us the information and the support we needed.  Thank you for being so kind to all of us and so gentle with our little girl.  We really appreciate how patient you have been and so helpful when we have had to come in unexpectedly!  Thank you also for the positive encouragement and for teaching us how to work with the conformers.  You both have made this process so much easier for us.  You have done an amazing job. C&P. H., Langley, BC